Premier should dump vegetation laws to boost northern development

Premier should dump vegetation laws to boost northern development

The Queensland Premier should use her ‘State of the State’ speech in Townsville today to abandon her flawed vegetation management laws once and for all to help drive agricultural development in North Queensland.

AgForce General President Grant Maudsley said the Palaszczuk Government’s determination to bring back vegetation management laws rejected by the Parliament showed they were more interested in playing politics than developing good policy.

“With Townsville’s unemployment rate one of the highest in Queensland, the State Government should be doing everything they can to support local job creation, not vowing to re-introduce laws that stifle development and job opportunities,” he said.

“The Premier says she is a leader who listens and that she’s ‘focused on the regions’, yet she continues to back a policy aimed at appeasing extreme green views in Brisbane at the expense of jobs in North Queensland.

“Today’s speech in Townsville is the perfect opportunity for the Premier to show she is serious about economic development in the regions by dumping her flawed vegetation management laws and committing to a bipartisan, workable policy that can stand the test of time.

“If the Palaszczuk Government persists with their plans to bring back these flawed laws as a policy at the next state election, local MPs will pay the price at the ballot box in North Queensland.

“The reality is farmers care about the environment we live and work in every day, and we manage vegetation so we can provide food for Australian and overseas consumers.

“Tougher vegetation management restrictions will just drive up food prices, stifle regional development and ultimately cost jobs.

“AgForce has always said we are willing to work through a science and evidence based process, but the Queensland Government still seems more interested in green politics than developing good policies.

“All we are asking for is fair laws for farmers so we can grow our businesses to produce more food and create more jobs.”

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