Federal Labor’s vegetation management intervention ‘disgraceful’

Federal Labor’s vegetation management intervention ‘disgraceful’

Federal Labor’s announcement it would override states to introduce tougher vegetation management restrictions was purely a political ploy to shore up Greens preferences, AgForce Queensland said today.

AgForce General President Grant Maudsley said Queensland Labor had used vegetation management as a political football for years and it was disgraceful that Federal Labor was now doing the same.

“Queensland farmers care about their land and work hard to ensure they manage their land sustainably. They don’t deserve to be demonised,” he said.

“Farmers are custodians of their land. The end result of these proposed land use changes will be rural poverty and an economic decline in regional communities.

“Rural poverty will cause more environmental harm than vegetation management as people put more pressure on their land to make ends meet.

“Labor’s announcement is not driven by science, it’s driven by politics.

“This issue is completely out of the Federal Government’s jurisdiction, but Labor clearly sees farmers as easy political targets to help them shore up Greens preferences ahead of the next Federal election.”

Mr Maudsley said AgForce would invite the Federal Opposition’s environment spokesman Mark Butler to visit properties in rural Queensland so he could better understand the importance of managing vegetation to ensure land remains productive and environmental values are maintained.

“Politicians talk a lot about wanting to create jobs but you don’t create jobs by introducing laws that destroy jobs, stifle regional development and push up food prices,” he said.

“Do Australian consumers really want higher food prices and more production on a reduced land area?

“That’s not a good recipe for environmental outcomes.

“It’s time the political attacks stopped so farmers can get on with the job of creating the high quality, affordable food and fibre Australia and the rest of the world needs now and into the future.”


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